Montrose Community Schools - Genesee County, Michigan 
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Montrose School District and Montrose Township

Proud Members of the Public School SLAPP Hall Of Shame.

On Monday, July 30, 2001 Nick Chiappetta, Flint Journal Reporter wrote: "Montrose - A local resident who allegedly struck fear in school employees and waged a paper war against two governmental entities is being sued for harassment by the Montrose School District and Montrose Township."

Richard B. Sallas had filed 115 Freedom of Information requests.  Michael J. Gildner, attorney for the township and school district said: ""The concern here, on the part of the school and the township officials,  is not to punish (Sallas) but to take action on what he's done with these FOIA requests - to stop what they  perceive these FOIA requests to be, and that's harassment".

This is a classic SLAPP suit.   SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

It is my understanding that Richard B. Sallas left the area without ever responding to the suit.  

That is the whole point of SLAPP suits, which are by their very nature an abuse of the process of law.  Public officials who resort to abusive litigation to circumvent the public's civil rights as was done in this case should be removed from office.  Attorneys who bring such litigation should face sanctions.

This case was an outrage which received little public exposure.

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