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Ron Maygar Sues Clio Schools

Clio Superintendent Fay Latture 
Threatens Parent

Carman-Ainsworth Schools, Genesee County Mich.

Clio Area Schools SLAPP Threat

 Lake Fenton Schools, Genesee County Michigan SLAPP

Linden Schools, Genesee County Michigan

Montrose School District & Montrose Township SLAPP

SLAPP Indicates was used litigation to silence critics

WNEM5, Flint/Saginaw 
August 2, 2001
Man Cyber Rates Schools With New Web Site 

A Voter Comments About "Facts" And About 
Self Described  High Performing Teacher

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Schools Failure To Control Bullies
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As a result of a meritless lawsuit this web site sat dormant and was not updated for several years.  During that time the site was moved to a new server.   I am finding many broken links.  It will likely take me several months to review all the web pages and correct links which no longer function.  Please accept my apologies and be patient.

Also, I believe that the best way to improve the culture and attitudes of public school staff is through legislative changes.  It is my  hope that professionals in the field acknowledge that there are problems and that they become part of the solution.  If they do not become involved changes will eventually be imposed and those changes may well not take factors into account which would be addressed if public school staff actually take an active role in implementing reform as opposed to circling their wagons to fend off all who would implement  reforms.

Last, due to the size of the lawsuit files, and the huge bandwidth requirements they placed on the server, I have over the past week removed those documents.  The depositions alone represented 40-60 times as much bandwidth  as other pages on this site.  So I have cut the lawsuit section down to the page which was alleged to be libel-defamation, a few other documents, and the decision which dismissed the case.  I felt this was necessary to keep the server loads at healthy levels.

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